Invisalign at Von Boeckmann, DDS

Invisalign® is a revolutionary way to help you get even and straight teeth without no one ever noticing. Invisalign® aligners are made of strong, clear plastic that gradually guides your teeth into perfect alignment. Unlike metal braces, they have no wires or brackets on which your lips or gums can snag on to.

During Your First Invisalign Evaluation

Dr. Von Boeckmann will help you determine if Invisalign® is a good option for you. We'll then design a treatment plan and take impressions, from which Invisalign® will develop accurate, personalized teeth-straightening devices, called aligners.

How Does Invisalign Work?

Aligners slide directly over your teeth and are replaced every two weeks as your teeth shift into place. Depending on your case, you will wear them full-time (except when eating or drinking) for 12 to 24 months—no longer than you would wear traditional metal braces—and see your dentist about every six weeks for check-ups.

Schedule Your Appointment Today!

For more information on Invisalign or to schedule your appointment today, give us a call at 281-499-SMILE(7645) or click here to fill out an online contact form. Our practice serves Missouri City, TX and the surrounding areas.


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