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A missing tooth can give rise to several problems in oral health. There are numerous dental appliances and developed as a prosthodontic replacement for a lost tooth. If you are a person who is planning to meet a dentist to replace a lost tooth, then you can probably consider dental implants as one of the best options. Dental implants work effectively in restoring the root of the natural tooth, the surgeries to place a dental implant in the jaw bone of patients can be performed by a qualified dentist. At Von Boeckmann DDS in Missouri, we understand the importance of a tooth for the oral and overall health of a person. We perform dental implant surgery. Which can provide a permanent solution to the patient's, who are suffering from tooth loss.

Missing Tooth and Oral Health

Tooth loss can happen for several reasons. Tooth decay and gum diseases are some common dental conditions which can cause tooth loss. Apart from a dental infection, a person might lose teeth from an accidental injury as well. A missing tooth can lead to a lack of stimulation to the jawbone. During some tooth went missing. The condition may lead to bone resorption, and thus decrease the height and width of the jaw bone. The facial skin may tend to sag because of the lack of support to facial muscles and could be one of the reasons why the patient's who have few missing teeth tend to look odd.

A missing tooth can lead to a shifting in the position of teeth around the gap. As a result, there is an imbalance in biting forces, which can lead to TMJ problems.

How can dental implants help?

Dental implants are made of the titanium, which creates a bond with the tissues of the jawbone. Our surgeon will perform the surgery by drilling a hole into your jawbone. Dental implants support the dental crowns and provide the artificial tooth enough strength and stability. The process of osseointegration ensures that the implant remains integrated with the jawbone for a long time. An implanted tooth can be cleaned and taken care of just like natural teeth. With proper care, the artificial tooth will long last for a lifetime. The procedure doesn't require the adjacent teeth to be filed like dental bridges cases, also one of the main advantages of dental implants over other methods of restoring a missing tooth.

Dental Implants – Are you the Candidate?

A dental implant is a replacement for the lost root of a tooth. The implant integrates with the supporting bone structure and gains higher stability. This is one of the biggest functional advantages of the implanted tooth. For successful integration and long life of dental implants, good oral and overall health may be necessary. Your dentist may look for certain criteria during the evaluation before deciding on the placement of a dental implant. Though all patients are good candidates for the restoration, and some may be evaluated carefully to analyze the risk of failure as compared to others. Speak to your dentist to know more about oral health concerns for dental implant placement.

Dental Implant Surgery Procedure

The placement of a dental implant and dental crown requires few visits to the dental practice. After confirming that dental implant surgery can be performed our dentists initially prepare the site for the placement of the implant. The implant is placed into the jaw bone through a surgical procedure. The implant is left to heal for a few months when it forms a strong bond with the jaw bone. The abutment and crown are fit over the implant during next visit.

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