Dental Crowns at Von Boeckmann, DDS in Missouri City, TX

A dental crown acts as a shield to the weak natural tooth which needs protection. The crown is designed to look like your natural teeth. It's used as a cap over a tooth. Which has undergone root canal treatment or has a large filling or over a tooth which is broken. The process ensures that the natural tooth is protected while the crown supports basic functions of the tooth such as biting and chewing food. If you have problems with your teeth visit our dental practice today and we can help you with the right treatment that is right for you. Our dental crowns in Missouri city can work wonderfully in protecting your weak tooth

How can dental crowns help me?

Do you have a severely decayed tooth? Do you have a missing tooth? If you answer yes to one of these questions, dental crowns may be the solution to your problem. Dental crowns are made of a special type of materials like porcelain or stainless steel which are strong. Some of these crowns are modeled to look very similar to a natural tooth. They provide the necessary support to the tooth which is damaged or has undergone dental treatment for tooth decay. They can help patients with the natural functions of the teeth and improve the appearance of the smile. Dentists use dental crowns under various circumstances which include covering the discolored tooth and supporting a bridge or implant.

Dental Crowns – Treatment and Care

The placement of a dental crown usually happens in two visits. Our dentist evaluates the condition of the tooth during the first visit. X-rays may be taken to understand the status of the tooth and tooth root. In cases where the gums are infected, the disease should be cured before starting with the process of placement of a dental crown.

The placement of a dental crown requires some part of the enamel layer to be filed. This gives space for placing a dental crown. Our dentists use numbing agents to prepare the natural tooth. Once the tooth is prepared our dentist takes impressions of the tooth to get the dental crown prepared in the lab. A temporary crown is placed over the tooth until the next dental visit, where it is replaced with the permanent one.

Caring for a dental crown is not very different from caring for the natural tooth. Our dentist explains to patients what they can and cannot do after the treatment. Proper oral hygiene ensures that the crown lasts longer. Dental crowns can last for as many as 15 years if proper care is taken.

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