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The gap caused by a missing tooth can have far-reaching effects on oral health of a person than just ruining the smile. Therefore it is always advisable to replace a lost tooth from the perspective of good oral health and overall health. Dental bridges are among the affordable replacement solutions for lost tooth. They generally have two crowns which are placed over natural teeth which are used as anchors. A false tooth which sits in between the crowns forms the artificial replacement of natural tooth which is lost. In this way dental bridges finely bridge the gap in the dental arch. At Von Boeckmann, DDS, our dentists provide comprehensive treatment catering to the dental needs of patients. Dental bridges are one of our offerings and we have been successful in replacing lost tooth in many of our patients in Missouri City, TX using these teeth replacement appliances.

Benefits of Dental Bridges

Dental bridges may not be as effective as dental implants in replacing lost tooth but they can support the chewing and biting functions of a person. They are afforadable compared to dental implants. Dental bridges can fill the gap and avoid orthodontic problems which may be caused from shifting of teeth. They create a balance in biting forces in the oral cavity and can bring back the healthy smile.

Dental Bridges – Treatment Process

The process of placement of dental bridge happens in few visits to the dental practice. The process requires the preparation of teeth nearby. The teeth are prepared by removing small layer of enamel from them. Our dentist then takes impressions of these teeth and gets the dental crowns prepared in the lab. Patients are given a temporary bridge until the permanent ones are prepared in the lab.

During the next stage the whole set of dental crowns and false tooth arrive at our dental practice. The placement of dental bridge takes place. After the treatment is complete our dentist will stay in touch with patients to check the fit and finish of dental bridges. This tooth replacement appliance can last for as many as 15 years if proper care is taken.

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