I’ve seen a few dentists in my day touting claims to be specialists in dealing with phobic, anxiety-stricken, or just plain scared patients. Enter patient VP and these doctors’ were not able to live up claims such as “We cater to cowards”.

I don’t consider myself to be “afraid” of dentists. However, something happens when I sit in the chair. I feel relatively calm, but I shake and fidget constantly. The eventual response from previous dentists and staff is impatience and a demand to “stop shaking”. Well, you don’t exactly argue with a person armed with a drill and a needle. So, I hit ‘em where it hurts the most – in the pocket. I took my shaky legs and green dollars somewhere else, and refused to respond to their requests for follow-up visits.

I was referred to Dr. Von Boeckmann’s office a few years ago. The visit went as normal. I signed in, filled out a few forms, smiled when they called my name, engaged in some friendly small talk with the the assistant and the doctor, confirmed my medical history, and off we went.

Dr. Von Boeckmann (we call him Dr. V.) was friendly, personable, caring, knowledgeable, and professional. I think I’ve seen enough dentists to qualify me to determine whether or not he was “knowledgeable”. The staff was friendly and professional. The office is clean, nicely decorated, and technologically advanced. Yep, I’m qualified to determine that, as well.

X-Rays, exam. No problem. I needed a root canal, some fillings, extraction, crown, and whitening. I was so relaxed and confident. This is going to be a breeze. Wrong.

As soon as the assistant brought in the tray (clean) of instruments (clean) I started to wiggle my toes. By the time Dr. V came in to give me the injections I, the chair, the light, and the tray table were shaking. I won’t give away to office’s trade secrets, but let’s just say that Dr. V and his staff truly know how handle patient anxiety courteously and professionally. I wouldn’t consider going anywhere else.

– Valerie Patterson


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